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Choosing a Dog Leash

May 15, 2016

Choosing a Dog Leash

Although leashes are must-haves for dog owners around the world, many find it difficult to find the perfect leash for their furry companions.  In this article, we plan to take a look at leather leashes and why they might be a great fit for both daily walks as well as dog training.   


A six feet long leash proves an excellent choice for both training and everyday use.  A dog can enjoy ample space to roam while also allowing the owner to remain in full control.  Although retractable leashes are appealing to many, a fixed length leash is essential to training any dog to learn loose-leash walking.  A dog can feel a clear difference between pressure while pulling against the owner and no pressure while staying close to its owner.  Conversely, the elastic stretch of retractable leashes applies constant resistance pressure on the dog making it impossible for the dog to distinguish what loose-leash walking should feel like.  This leaves an owner unable to reinforce good behavior and with no way to train their dog how to correctly walk on a lead. 


Whereas nylon leashes have a tendency to fray over time, full-grain leather leashes have a natural abrasion resistance as the leather fibers are kept intact during the manufacturing process.  Full-grain leather is taken from the back of the hide instead of the belly or flanks and will be less susceptible to stretching and fatigue cracks of lesser quality leather.  For this reason, Timber and Tide leather leashes are only made with the finest continuous full-grain leather hide available on the market.  


When looking at different types of leather, it is important to choose a leash that is tanned with oils that add water resistance while also keeping the leather soft and supple.  At Timber and Tide, we ensure that our leather is tanned to be both comfortable on the hands and durable against water and constant use.  


Timber and Tide Classic Leather Leash


Timeless Style

It’s difficult to go wrong with the classic look of leather.  Although a leash purchase should first and foremost be about its functionality and level of comfort for the dog and owner, the sophisticated appearance of a single strap of leather is unmatched by its nylon competition.  With brass colored rivets and a snap to match, the completed ensemble shines with timeless, subtle beauty.


Timeless Style of Leather - Eleanor Roosevelt with Fala, the Scottish Terrier


Where to Buy

When looking for your next leather leash, consider purchasing from Timber and Tide via our online store!  Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you out there.